The International Medical Association "Città aperta" is an association of doctors, nurses and volunteers which adheres to GLIS. It was founded by a multicultural committee of volunteers in 1994, moving to its current location - Vico Del Duca, just in front of the Palazzo Tursi - in 1996 after nearly two years of pioneering work at the Church of San Donato, its aim being the ensuring and fulfillment of the right to healthcare of every human being, regardless of race, creed or social status.


"Undocumented" immigrants in Italy are not properly protected by the law (which unfortunately provides only for emergency care) and thus the aim of the surgery is not limited to the provision of medical services: providing basic medical care is an effective way to take steps toward making the right to healthcare the ground for a wider battle in defense of individual rights for all.

Thanks to fruitful collaborations built over the years with consulting rooms, the Ser.t, the Institute of Hygiene and San Martino Hospital, patients are now garanted the right of access to beds at specialist clinics for diagnostic tests, specialised care and medical advice.


In addition, the Association can offer the services of two lawyers should assistance be required pertaining to civil matters such as family issues and labour disputes.

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